How do I make an initial enquiry?

If you have an idea of the tattoo design you would like, or if you would like some inspiration, we can talk you through the process. We’ll give you an estimate on sitting time and a price depending on the nature of your design. 

You can contact us here.  

How long between an initial enquiry and appointment?

Due to the artists popularity, the current waiting list is running at  1-7months between initial booking and first appointment. In the event of cancellations, we may be able to contact you and slot you in sooner.

We’ll send you a reminder email ahead of your appointment. If you have any questions at any time, just let us know.

Do you require a deposit?

We ask for an initial payment to secure an appointment with the artist if your choice. We accept credit or debit cards, Apple Pay and BACs. This is a non-refundable deposit, but if you do need to rearrange your appointment, as long as we have 4 weeks notice we will honour the deposit for a later date, the remaining funds will be required in cash on the day of the appointment.

What if I change my mind about the design?

That is absolutely fine. We’ll send out reminder messages and if you have changed your mind regarding any elements of the tattoo, simply email any changes and we will adjust the design for you.

What happens on the day of my tattoo?

If this is your first tattoo, or your first visit to Vesso Studio, we appreciate you might be feeling a bit nervous. So, we’ve created this ‘what to expect’ guide to put you at ease.

Can I bring my children with me?

No children are allowed in the tattoo areas and cannot be left in reception. Please make childcare arrangements in advance. 

This is my first tattoo. Will it hurt?

It’s a tough one to answer, because pain is personal. Most people describe the sensation as a prickling or scratching. If it’s close to a bone, you may feel the vibration of the needle.

Not everyone feels the same pain, or in the same places. The position of the tattoo can make a difference, because some parts of your body are more sensitive than others. 

We can give you a guide based on what other people have said, or if we’ve had a tattoo in the same place, our perspective, but only you know your body and your pain threshold.

The most important thing to remember is we do everything we can to make the process as comfortable and safe as possible. 

How long will the tattoo take?

That all depends on the size and complexity of the design you’ve chosen. The larger the tattoo, the more ink, detail and time.  We’ll discuss how many sessions your design is likely to take as part of the consultation process.

How do I look after my tattoo between sessions?

Taking care of your skin between sessions will ensure proper healing, prevent infection and make sure the tattoo looks its best. The artist will go through the aftercare procedure, but it’s up to you to keep up with it. As a rule, you can expect to be waiting between 3-4 weeks between sessions to give you tattoo time to heal.

Do you do cover ups?

Yes, we can cover up most tattoos which we will book in a consultation so we can take a look at the piece.  If the cover is not possible we offer laser treatment where you can remove or lighten the tattoo for a more delicate design.
Please be aware that cover ups are charged differently than fresh skin 

How do I keep my new tattoo looking at its best?

The aftercare following a tattoo is essential to promote good healing and prevent the risk of infection. We’ll talk you through what you need to do and you’ll leave with our aftercare plan.

Can I get a tattoo while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Unfortunately we cannot tattoo you while pregnant or breastfeeding, if we are aware that you are either we reserve the right to refuse service and the deposit will retained for loss of earnings. 

Why do you use Yayo Famila aftercare?

We choose to use these products because they are hand made, free of animal-based ingredients and they are 100% VEGAN friendly. Each aftercare product is formulated and rigorously tested to heal the epidermis quickly while ensuring a bright and vibrant healed tattoo. Since using Yayo, we have had nothing but positive feedback from clients who claim they feel their tattoo is less sore and flaky while they are healing. The products also smell amazing as they are made using ingredients such as lemongrass, cocoa and other fresh flavours.

What extra safety measures do you have in place during the current pandemic?

We have always insured that our studio is cleaned to the highest degree before and after each and every client. We have HEPA filters in each room of the studio to help purify the air, there is a hand sanitiser station before entering the studio and more stations available throughout. We ask that every client before entering the studio to put on shoe covers and a face covering. No ‘under the mask’ services are being offered as an extra precaution and this will continue until the legislations change. 

All staff wear necessary PPE and we work on a booking only basis for all services to make sure we do not have many people in the studio at one time.